I actually thought of this poem while in one of my college classes. This guy was talking about his love of smoking and I thought about how many people try to run away from their problems by getting addicted to things that will only hurt them in the long run. How many of us run to addictions to “save” us from our problems but then find out it really does nothing, it only takes away the pain temporarily? We have all had our share of addictions, we need to learn that these addictions will only be a temporary joy. Take some time and think about how your addiction could lead to disaster and try your hardest to get away from it.

What is it with addictions?
Addiction to drugs, nicotine, liquor,
Can be difficult, confusing, a struggle,
A joy
But, you choose to caress death;
Your beloved blanket
As if to say, “thank you,
thank you for warming my heart”
The moment where it took
Not only your heart but also
Your mind
Changing what you once controlled,
Your past desires,
Into death.