I hate Valentine’s day.

Yes, I said what almost every single girl says on this day, but not for the reason you’re probably thinking. I hate Valentine’s day because it focuses on the relationship rather than your relationships.

RELATIONSHIPS?! I can almost hear the comments now, “Are you saying that I’m supposed to praise my past relationships with other guys rather than my present relationship, that’s crazy.” That is definitely NOT what I am saying, hear me out. I am talking about your relationships with the other people that you love in your life, not just your spouse or significant other.

I don’t know why a lot of people think that Valentine’s day is only something you share with that “special someone” (ex. boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife) and not the true loves: friends and family. These are the most important parts of your life because they have (most likely) shared more moments with you than your special someone has, and what better day to celebrate all they have done in your life than on Valentine’s day?

So, I have been single all of my life and people always look surprised when I say that because I’m 20. “You mean you have NEVER gone out on a date?!?” No, and rubbing it in my face makes me feel a WHOLE lot better. But, when this day comes, they always assume I hate the day because I have never had anyone to share it with. No, I don’t hate this day because I can’t share it with a special person, I hate this day because you almost feel obligated to spend it with a special person rather than the special people in your life.

Of course, I am not saying that you should feel bad about spending this special day with your love, but you should also think about the other people you love in your life. If you are single: don’t sulk around and think about how you don’t have a significant other in your life, think about all the people that you’ve loved somewhere down this road we call life (trust me, I’m sure you have one) and show how much you appreciate them. If you are in a relationship: go ahead, show that boyfriend or girlfriend how much you love them, but also show love to the people that got you into that relationship or have loved you before that relationship came to be (because we all know if that person left, you would probably be crawling to these people with tears streaming down your face). If you are married: there is nothing like taking your spouse to dinner or sharing a special time with them, but you should also share love to the friends you haven’t talked to in a while by just saying, “Hey, I miss you, hope you have a happy Valentine’s day,” or share it with your family members by calling them up; you never know how one expression of love can change someone’s day, especially when they haven’t heard from you in a while.

The true meaning of Valentine’s day is to celebrate LOVE. Celebrate all the love in your life, not just the love that everyone tries to make you think about. Valentine’s day is supposed to be something we all enjoy, and sharing love with all the people in your life is a great start.

Besides, chocolate and cards can only hold you for a little while.