I wrote this poem because my great uncle died this past week. I was supposed to write it to read at the funeral and I only had two days to get a poem together! Needless to say, I freaked out. Although, God got me through it because I saw 3 words on a card, “Love Lives On,” and I immediately got an inspiration.I don’t know how all of this flowed out of me from just 3 words, but it did and I was completely amazed. I just love how God puts things in you and you’re amazed with the outcome. Anyways, I know my great uncle was looking down at me and smiling when I read this at his funeral and I’m honored to have read it.

“Death, Where is Thy Sting?”

Death can take many forms
It wraps its strong hands around the face of the hurt
And tears apart happiness
It shatters the minds of the feeble
And creates hearts of stone

But, what if we didn’t let it?

What if we celebrated the now painless body
And rejoiced in its destination?
What if we took the legacy that he left
And changed our lives for the better?
What if we remembered the life lessons
And decided to listen to them?
What if we lay our heads at night
And knew that he was smiling down at us?
What if we knew that he was walking in heaven
And God was at his side holding his hand?
What if we took the love that he shared with us
And shared it with others?
What if we knew that he wasn’t gone
And that he’d always be with us?

Today would not be a funeral,
It would be a revival.

Death might have ended his life,
But his heart beats in the world.

Let the sun warm us like the embrace of his smile
Let the grass grow like the memories we shared
Let the air move us like the words he spoke
Let our lives always feel the presence of him
And let his love forever live on.

“O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?”
~1 Corinthians 15:55