Just to give you some context before you read: I AM A BLACK 21 YEAR OLD LADY. So, let these views reflect that. Now, you may read. 🙂

I’m probably (actually, most likely) going to get a lot of comments on how I’m a bad person and all, but I’ve got to set some things straight. I will NEVER be one of those people that will use ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ or even say Black Lives Matter.
Hear me out before you throw stones.

I know that racism is a definite problem in our country, and I have experienced racism in my own life, but using #BlackLivesMatter or saying Black Lives Matter is racist in itself.


There is racism and injustice happening to Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, etc. the list could go on and on, but do you see them making hashtags and using every chance they get to say that their lives matter? I don’t know, this is probably just me, but I think that we should have started a hashtag saying ALL LIVES MATTER. Then, the point would’ve come across that we want ALL people to be treated equally, not just black lives.

This is MY opinion, it may not be yours.

I am affected by racism too, and I am not saying that my black community isn’t affected by hate and discrimination, but we need to think about others as well. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t only fight for BLACK lives; he fought for ALL lives to be equal. Singling out certain groups and saying that THEY MATTER, only brings more division in our country, and we definitely do not need more of that.